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From Lunchtime HIIT, Restore & Reset Yoga, and our Saturday Morning Fit Camp, to a killer Butts & Guts class like you’ve never tried, we’ve got some amazing LIVE group fitness classes in our Virtual Gym.  All levels, no equipment needed, and always fun, try out 5 classes FREE and see just how simple and effective working out from anywhere can be. 

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As a Registered Dietitian and Master Certified Personal Trainer, I’ve helped over 5000 clients world-wide achieve amazing results. Today, I give away my amazing 30 Day program that has changed the lives of so many others.  Don’t waste time, everything you need is just ahead in my exclusive 30 Day FREE program!

Fitness & Nutrition Plans

Over the last 20+ years I’ve helped over 5000 people like you achieve amazing results with my programs.  When I say I’ve seen it all, trust that I’ve worked with every possible situation, and have a plan to reach any goal.  Browse my programs to find what works best.  And if you need more help, click below and let’s discover together what program is right for you.

Fitness Programs

Browse all my programs.  From Free programs, to proven online courses, and even custom programs, I’ve got you covered with a program that will fit your needs and help you reach your goals.

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Nutrition Plans

I’m not a fan of diets, mostly because I’ve spent years battling failed diets.  Rather, as a Registered Dietitian, I have the right programs and advice to help you break the unhealthy habits and finally achieve your goals.

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The Virtual Gym

Aside from the amazing programs and coaching opportunities here at, the Virtual Gym allows clients to train face-to-face, virtually, with Jason Long, leading Fitness & Nutrition Specialist from anywhere in the world.

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Classes On Demand

With hundreds of group fitness classes and other speciality fitness and nutrition classes prerecorded, you can access any class or training programs that fits your needs in our exclusive On-Demand whenever and wherever you need.

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“Motherhood is fantastic, and I loved becoming a mom.  However, I didn’t love my body after having three. Everyone thinks it’s just part of aging and having kids, that your body is just never going back to where it was before. Well I proved that wrong with Jason’s help, and today I’m in the best shape of my life. No more excuses here, and the best part is that my kids love our healthy lifestyle as well.”

Stephanie M

“Before I met Jason I was kidding myself every day telling everyone I was happy.  I have a fantastic job and my life looks really good on the outside. But on our first call I knew he had me pegged when Jason called me out. I never cry, but we were both crying in the first 15 minutes. I love this man more than you can imagine, and owe him everything for helping me get my life back.”

Rea L

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As part of all my programs, I provide a custom planner/tracker to help you reach your goals.  Download it now and get started working on your goals today.

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  • 30 Days Shakeology Meal Replacement
  • 3 Day Detox Refresh Kit
  • 30 Day Nutrition Guide

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Total Body Boxing Workout!
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  • Beachbody Performance Pack with Energizer and Post Workout Protein
  • Resistence Bands & Shaker Bottle included
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